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I often receive questions related to the newborn sessions and have prepared a guide to answer most of your questions. Hopefully this helps you to prepare for your session with SweetArt Images...

How to “reserve” your newborn session?

It’s difficult to know exactly when baby is arriving, so unless you’re scheduled for a C-Section or know you’ll be induced on a certain date, the session would be scheduled once baby arrives. In order to “reserve” a spot, I would create a client profile for you which includes your full name, due date, email and telephone number. At that point, you would be added to my “Due Date Calendar” so I can keep you in mind as your due date nears. I will be in touch with you a week before your due date with a reminder to let me know once baby arrives. The sooner you notify me of your baby’s birth, the sooner I can slot you in to my next available session. Waiting a few days can make the difference of a week or even two in getting an appointment. I don’t typically accept more than 2 due dates per week, however if some babies are early and others are late, it could be a busy week in the studio.

What if I have had my baby already?

If I have space available, I will gladly accept newborns even if you were not previously scheduled. If baby is past the two week age suggestion, please contact me and we can discuss options for your session.

Session times:

All newborn appointments are held on weekdays. Studio sessions begin at 9:30 am. Home Visits are scheduled with a start time between 9:30 and noon depending on your location.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a $150 non-refundable retainer deposit will be required at the time you reserve your spot.

Do you have props, clothing, wraps, etc.?

Yes I do! I have items for baby girls and boys including hats, rompers, pants, hats, wraps, textures and head bands. 

How long is the studio session and what can I expect?

A studio session can be anywhere from 2-5 hours. An average session is 3-4 hours. Patience and a sleepy baby are key elements to the studio session. Posing a baby for a photo often can take up to 15 minutes for each photo. Having baby positioned correctly is what creates these artistic images. Baskets and the bean bag poser are used for the studio session. When you come in for your session, we will begin with a short consultation to discuss the type of images, colours and props you would like to use. At that time, I will present you with options for you to select for your session. Your package includes two set up's for baby. If additional family members are participating, another scene may be used.

Baby will be nude or without diaper for most of your session so warm blankets are important. Additional heat will be on during your session and sometimes it gets pretty warm in the studio

What should I bring to my studio session?

Blankets, wipes or wash cloths, diapers, extra bottles, food/snacks to hold you over for up to 5 hours, change of clothes for yourself. More information on how to prepare for your session will be sent to you in your email confirmation.

May I get some photographs with Siblings?

Yes! This is a very special time for your family and photos with siblings are more than welcome. It’s important for you to prepare your toddler that they will be coming in for photos with their brand new brother or sister. Tell them my name, and prepare them that they will be coming in and that their patience and cooperation is going to be helpful to getting some beautiful images with their brother or sister. Telling them my name will help to familiarize themselves with me in advance, and may help them feel more comfortable.

Bring items to keep your toddler busy. It’s a lot to ask for them to be cooperative for 2-4 hours while we take photos of their baby brother or sister, so it’s important to consider that they may need some activities. I do have a TV for them to watch, however if you want to bring along some play clothes and running shoes, you may want to have whomever is accompanying you to the session take them for a walk or to the park that is near by.

How long is the home visit and what can I expect?

A home visit is 1-2 hours. In this session, I will use the spaces within your home to achieve a documentary style photo collection. Family is encouraged to participate in order to provide you with an appropriate photo gallery. Baby doesn’t necessarily need to be sleeping during this session, however there are times when I can position a sleeping baby for some more formal photos. Temperature in your home will be important for this, babies like to be kept warm, so if you would like some formal photos, an undressed baby will appreciate some warmer than usual temperatures. To prepare for this, you’ll want to raise the temperature in the home to approx 80 degrees. When posing baby, they are often nude or lightly wrapped and cooler temperatures may disturb them.

I often use the nursery, parents bedroom and sometimes siblings bedrooms for these photos. For photos of the baby alone in a formal basket setting, I would require some natural lighting by a large window, preferably with a hardwood or laminate flooring to place the basket. Formal/posed photos are done at the end of the session if time permits, once family photos are complete.


~ Reserve your spot by sending me your full name, email address, telephone number and due date. I will check availability for you and add you to my calendar!

~ Decide on the type of session you would like for your newborn baby.

~ Be mindful of timelines and ensure that you notify me of your baby’s birth as soon as baby arrives.

~ Get excited! Soon you’ll have an amazing little person who will bring a whole other level of happiness to your life!