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Summer 2022: 

Specialty Sunflower Sessions! 

 Taking place at the beautiful property of Davis Family Farm Caledon



Davis Feed & Farm Supply, Caledon.

Some important information to consider BEFORE booking a session:

~ Weather and date rescheduling...The sunflowers can be unpredictable and the dates are created based on the estimated sunflower bloom dates provided by the farm. These dates can possibly change and may only have a week or less notice. You must be flexible or willing to change your date if the flowers do not bloom in time. Normally if the date is changed, the date will be moved to the following week and in this case, will mean all sessions are during weeknights. In the event that the flowers are blooming earlier than anticipated, I will notify you with as much notice as possible.

~ Weather can be unpredictable and weather reports are often wrong, so I don’t go by them at all. I’ll go to the farm earlier than your session time and will let you know if weather is preventing us from going ahead. If I am on location and am able to proceed with your session and you decide against attending the session may not be rescheduled.

~ Retainer Deposits are non refundable and due upon booking. Appointments will be released if deposits and contracts are not received on time. The only time a deposit will be refunded is if I am unable to offer you a session time due to weather, etc. If I am able to offer you a time due to flowers blooming at a different time, or weather restrictions, and you are unable to come, there are no refunds. If for some reason the weather prevents me from doing the session, the deposit will be refunded. If you need to cancel and I am able to fill your spot with someone else, I will refund your retainer, if not, the retainer is non-refundable.

~ The height of the sunflowers is always different and we will not know exactly whether the kids will be able to walk through them or if we will have to pose around them. The set up of the session will depend on the flowers. It will be a surprise when you arrive :)

Package info will be available Spring 2022


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