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Taking your very own Newborn photos

To my lovely Mommies & Daddies, 

As much as I would love to be able to capture your newborn photos for you, this is such an uncertain time for all of us the safety of our families is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, I'm deemed a non-essential service, so as much as I'm craving those sweet baby cuddles, I'll have to refrain until our governing bodies provide me with the go ahead to do so. Rest assured, when the time comes, I'll make it my mission to provide you with some beautiful photos that you can cherish forever! In the meantime, I realize you must be anxious to capture this new beginning in your life, so until I can be there for you, I have prepared a guide to help you capture some of your own beautiful photos! 

Plan ahead...

Plan your photos for a time of the day when you’re most calm and rested (as much as you possibly can be with a newborn). Morning typically works best and usually babies are most settled in the morning. Try to plan for when baby will be sleeping. Babies are much more cooperative when they are sleepy. You will also want to be as calm as possible as baby will feel your energy. Putting on some spa music or white noise sometimes helps too. Slow and gentle movements are key! Take your time, and just have fun with this experience. Dont put a lot of pressure on yourself. Remember, I’ve been doing this for a long time so don’t expect to be a professional, just enjoy this time with your little one :)

What you need...

Most of you will use your SmartPhone, so before you begin, remember to clean the camera on your SmartPhone, sometimes our fingers make the camera grimy, so you want to make sure this is wiped down to give you the most clear image. Some phones have a portrait mode, this is a good time to use it. Try with and without portrait mode and get creative. 

I purchased this super easy to use selfie stick with tripod recently. If you don’t have a helper, this could be a way to get some family photos as it has a remote as well!  Click Here for the link.

Pick a simple neutral outfit for your family and baby, something that will flow with the colours of the space you plan to use these photos in. 


You can lay baby on their back, or their belly. If you decide you’d like baby nude, you’ll want to have them laying on their belly (no one wants to see their itty bits! :) A sleeping baby is easier to pose this way as well. You’ll also want to get out a space heater or if you don’t have one, raise the heat in the house. Most babies are much more cooperative when they are warm. Lay baby carefully on a cozy surface with a blanket over their body to keep them cozy while you pose. Gently take the arm closest to the camera and place their hand, palm down under their cheek. This helps to lift up their little face so you can see their features best. You can tuck their legs in as naturally as possible but please do not try to maneuver their legs or pose as I would, please remember i have been doing this for 6 years and safety is important. Once baby is positioned, gently remove the blanket and snap away! You may have to do this a few times over again if the room is not warm enough. And, sometimes that adorable blanket resting over them makes for the most beautiful photo so take advantage of those few snaps before you take off the blanket.

Lighting and Location...

Find a spot in your home that has some good natural lighting. You’ll want to plan your time during the day when lighting is best. You don’t want the sunlight beaming directly on the area you’re using, you want it to be coming into the room but not shining directly on the baby. If it's bright enough, try to turn off any overhead lighting, especially pot-lights as they will cause shadows. 

You can use your nursery or master bedroom, even a dining room with a sofa or ottoman. 

When deciding where to place the baby, you want to take a look at how the light enters the room. You will want the light to come from above the head, down the face. You don’t want to have light going up their face (imagine if you’re using a flash light under your chin, those shadows are not flattering).

Don't forget about the family!

Remember to also use this time to get family photos (this is when that selfie stick/tripod I mentioned above comes in handy). If you have older children, posing them on a bed or sofa is usually a good bet (just make sure to have a helper if you have a toddler or this could go sideways!). This is such a special time for all of you so don't forget to take some Mommy & Baby, and Daddy & Baby photos as well! You can use the bedroom, nursery or even family room or other space in your home where lighting is nice and you’re comfortable. If taking the family photos at the same time as taking your baby's individual photos feels too overwhelming for you, you can do this in stages. One day focus just on baby, and another day, take some time for yourself to get ready and tackle those.

One very important note, be patient! Patience with yourself, and  especially with your older children. Often, the photos with the siblings take the longest especially if they are toddlers. Toddlers don't understand what we are trying to accomplish with these photos so be prepared to dedicate a little more time to these photos than the rest. You'll be really happy that you did :)

Use your creative flare!

Lastly, feel free to get creative. Use any textures you may have in your home to create layers. You can use a cozy blanket, a fur throw, even a fur carpet or cozy knitted blanket. Sentimental items are nice to use as well. This is the time to pull out the beautiful blanket your Grandmother knit for you!

If you don't have anything like this around the house, don't worry one bit, simple blankets or even a plain white sheet works wonders!

I hope this helps you to capture some great images! Have fun and please share how they turned out! I’d love to see how well you did :)